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September 25, 2019
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Delia la Brasov Heroes
Echipa Lucky la Brasov Heroes
Lucky the dog participa la cursa Brasov Heroes
Brasov Heroes
June 2 was a magical day for Dogs for Romania! We enjoyed spending time together with children, friends, colleagues and their wonderful pets, at the sixth edition of Brasov Heroes. Brasov Heroes obstacle course is a fundraising event that benefits the local community and their various causes. Care For Dogs Romania booth welcomed everybody with banners, themed badges, post cards and lots of good will. Obviously Lilly was there too and encouraged everybody that came to support our cause. We were glad that our actions had an echo and we can't wait for next year to do things as beautiful as possible for our furry friends! Thank you #eroidebrasov for your involvement! Besides all the joy brought by this event, Brasov Heroes helped us fulfill our most ardent dream, which is to create a heating system in the clinic. A warm clinic means a better chance for nursing furry moms, sick and quarantined dogs, so they can get better. The name of this project is "Warm heart, warm shelter"
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Shelter news
Alina Ariton- the fairy godmother of all pets
We announce with lots of joy that Alina Ariton (a famous public figure in Brasov) become the ambassador of our cause. Since the very first moment Alina found out about our shelter, she decided to be our voice in the community. Her PR background and having founded a very popular magazine, she is the perfect voice to carry our message out there into the world. We thank her and we are immensely grateful for all the help she has given us so far.
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Coressi Shopping Resort
Coressi Shopping Resort- one step closer to our dream
Our team participated in an event that took place at Coressi Shopping Resort in Brasov over the summer. All those who came to our booth experienced for a day what it's like to be part of the Care For Dogs Romania universe. Many of them decided to support our project "Warm heart, warm shelter". The pictures, themed badges, banners made with such dedication by those involved in the project were offered for sale at our booth which was located very close to the stage of the event festivities. We also had a photobooth. A wonderful artist offered face painting to the kids and not only. Next to the photobooth we had a hugging corner with mascots Minnie and Garfield and our rescues Lilly and Muffin were on hand to offer lots of love, hugs, and doggie kisses.
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Terenul de joaca
The Playground
One of our dreams is to build a playground for the dogs in our shelter. They need a place where they can forget about the fear and trauma of living on the streets and fending for themselves. They need a place where they can learn to be happy dogs again and get to know the world at their own pace.
We have a 500 square meter piece of land right next to the shelter that is perfect for building this playground.
The plan for the playground includes a covered area with an old couch and maybe an armchair, a fake door, a radio that plays music and traffic noises, basically a place that simulates an actual home. That way the dogs can learn to live indoors.
Next to this faux living room, we want to put an old (even non functional) car so the dogs can learn to get in an our of a vehicle without fearing it. An old but functional bike would be great too so the dogs can get desensitized and stop chasing moving bicycles. Last but not the least a couple of plastic pools will help dogs keep cool and entertained during summer. Shelter dogs need interaction and entertainment so they don't become depressed and start mutilating themselves.
Only with your help we can make this playground happen. Help us fulfil this beautiful dream by making a small donation.
Spay/Neuter Campaigns
One of the most effective ways to combat abandonment of unwanted pets is to run continuous spay/neuter campaigns. Therefore throughout 2019 we are running a campaign that offers free sterilization surgeries to dogs and cats of people living in and around Brasov.
We urge you to support us so we can continue to offer these free surgeries to the neediest pets. Besides donations we need volunteers to help us spread flyers and posters and promote the campaign to everybody, especially those who have no access to internet and social media. If interested in distributing flyers in the area, please contact us.
Oktoberfest Brasov
During September 5 and 15, Oktoberfest Brasov event took place, which promised thousands of visitors. We had the opportunity to have a booth to increase the awarness regarding our mission. We armed ourselves with lots of good will, smiles and optimism and we welcomed everybody with maerials to spread awareness about our activity. We had dog bandanas, themed badges, various merchendise (all the proceeds from the sales supports the shelter activity). We had visitors of all ages and we told everyone about our plans to change the mentality of people and the fate of the homeless dogs of Brasov. It may have been a simple visit for them, but a magical one for us! Thank you!
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Ne-am marit echipa
Our team got bigger
The Care for Dogs Romania team expanded to include four more volunteers. This makes us more proactive and productive, and helps us work more effectively to make the life of the Care For Dogs Romania cats and dogs more beautiful.
We are constantly on the lookout to expand our team with volunteers who are very knowledgable of social media inner workings, who are very creative and are passionate about helping animals in need.
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“I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.”
Abraham Lincoln
16th United States President
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